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The 1st Obstacle Course Race Club and 1st Spartan DEKA gym in Abu Dhabi & UAE

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Weight Control

We are all too familiar with this one. Weight control is one of the most common struggles in the world today! You are not alone. We can help. High-intensity interval training (also called: HIIT) is a type of workout known for weight loss. Ask our coaches for more detailed advice regarding your needs.

Time Management

“I don’t have time to work out” Sounds familiar? That is a common excuse your brain makes up to keep you from accomplishing something difficult. We help you to achieve new healthy habits. The rewards are more energy, less stress, and a positive feeling of well-being throughout the day.


Be part of our local club and team. Desert Shield Fitness is a community of like-minded, motivated people. Join us and incorporate active outdoor and indoor life into your daily life.

Gym Fees

Gym fees can be expensive! But not as expensive as self-doubt and low self-esteem. Sign up for a free trial to see what makes us worth it! We conduct both outdoor classes and indoor classes. Our members can also use the large, airy cruise terminal as a facility for running indoors during the hot season. We can help you. Be Race Ready!

Be race ready!

Obstacle Course Race

OCR functional workouts are varied, novel, and build balanced, multi-faceted athletes who excel in all-over strength, athleticism, and endurance. OCR classes can benefit everyone.


DEKA is The Decathlon of Functional Fitness. It consists of indoor fitness competitions and motivational training programs designed for ALL levels. Take your OCR game to a whole new level

Road to Liwa

Check out our signature class and brand-new concept of training which will test your limits using only a kettlebell and a Spartan ram. This class is designed to test but also improve your strength.

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Allow us to help you find the inner strength you have had all along!

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“Hands down, best choice I have made training at Desert Shield Fitness Gym. VERY friendly team who made me want to go train. I train here about 4-5 times a week!"

~ Noura

Join us for a FREE CLASS

Join one of our free classes to get a feel for our community and coaches.