Your Workouts Can Help You Manage Stress | Desert Shield FitnessIt might sound crazy, but stress is a good thing. When you experience stress, it alerts your body that something in your environment needs your attention.

But the tricky thing about stress and your environment is that the cause may not be easy to manage, take care of, or even eliminate. Stress then becomes a constant force that can get out of hand.

Until you can tackle the root cause of stress, your temporary line of defense might be finding ways to control your stress levels so that you can get some relief. Getting in a regular workout is one way that you can get some stress relief. Here are a few ways your workouts can help you manage stress:

1. Shift your focus.

One way that your workout gives you a break from feeling stress is by shifting your focus. You can put aside your to-do list for thirty to sixty minutes and think about moving with proper technique. By counting reps of an exercise, learning a new movement, or challenging your body to complete a challenging workout, you give your brain a much-needed break from life’s daily stressors.

2. Release of post-workout chemicals.

When you’ve completed your workout, feel-good chemicals are released into your bloodstream. These endorphins lead to positive feelings that can improve your mood and outlook for the rest of the day.

3. Breathe and release tension.

Raising your heart rate through exercise promotes circulation and blood flow to your working muscles. Your movements get more oxygen circulating around in your body, which can wake you up and clear your mind. At the same time, the movement of your muscles can also help you relax by reducing any built-up muscle tension.

4. Prioritize time for yourself.

No matter how busy your day might be, taking this time for yourself can help you manage stress. Making your workouts a priority in your life can set you up so that you’re better able to deal with the rest of your day – no matter what challenges life has in store for you.

5. Facilitate a better night of sleep.

Another added benefit of working out is that it facilitates a better night of sleep. And when you’re able to get quality sleep, you’re also better able to manage stress.

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