Sign Up for an Obstacle Course Race (OCR) | Desert Shield FitnessObstacle course racing (OCR) blends multiple aspects of fitness, including endurance, strength, balance, coordination, and agility. The course’s total distance will vary (typically 5K or longer) and includes obstacles interspersed along the course. Obstacles include things like climbing ropes, scaling walls, traversing bars, and crawling through tunnels. These races challenge you to try new things while also drenching you with the added obstacles of water and usually mud.

Whether you’re a runner, avid gym go-er, or somewhere in between, an OCR could be the next challenge you’ve been searching for. Here are a few reasons to sign up for an obstacle course race:

1. Increase functional fitness.

While an OCR includes quite a bit of running, there are obstacles scattered throughout a course that require more than endurance. To train for these obstacles, it’s helpful to spend time doing functional fitness workouts. Functional fitness movements mimic the activities we perform in our everyday lives and prepare you for the obstacles you encounter on a course.

2. Build multiple aspects of fitness.

In addition to building a strong aerobic engine, training for an OCR leads to increases in strength, agility, balance, and coordination. The benefit of a well-rounded level of fitness carries over into your daily life and improves the quality of your life.

3. Add fun and variety to your training.

If you find that running by itself isn’t all that exciting, OCR training is a great way to mix up your training. Preparing for an OCR adds new movements and workout routines to your training program, making it more fun and varied.

4. Challenge your body and mind.

The obstacles you face during an OCR will challenge your body as well as your mind. Not only do you build the strength to climb a rope or jump over a wall, but you also build the mental strength to conquer fears. At the same time, your training leads to greater confidence in yourself and your abilities. You become more willing to push yourself to take on obstacles that you’ve never tried before.

5. Meet and train with a motivating group of people.

You can compete in an OCR as an individual, but it’s also a popular team sport. Rather than facing the course on your own, you can choose to compete with a small team. This team is there to support you and can help you over the more challenging obstacles. If you’re intimidated about signing up for an OCR on your own, registering as part of a team can help with the intimidation factor.

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