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Obstacle Course Race Gym & Spartan DEKA gym in the UAE

Obstacle Course Race Prep

OCR classes are a great way to get race ready. A proprietary system emphasizing foundational bodyweight movements and periodized training, OCR functional workouts are varied and novel and build balanced, multi-faceted athletes who excel in all-over strength, athleticism, and endurance. OCR classes can benefit everyone, even when they are not training for an OCR.


A Premium functional fitness program. Put your fitness to the test. What is DEKA.Fit? (DEKA) DEKAFIT by Spartan is the DEKAthlon of fitness consisting of indoor fitness competitions and motivational training programs designed for ALL levels. DEKAFIT events feature 10 functional fitness zones (aka DEKA Zones) all preceded by a 500-meter run (5k total run distance) in a dynamic environment creating epic experiences and inspirational on-going fitness programming to help you exceed your goals. Who is it for? DEKAFIT is for everybody, and all levels (novice to elite fitness athletes) looking to improve their fitness, build connections, and enhance their daily performance. It provides the perfect opportunity for all fitness enthusiasts including, but not limited to: Athletes, Fitness Professionals, Military, Police, Fire, EMS, Runners, OCR Racers, CrossFit, and more! What does the term DEKA mean originally? The Greeks were the first recorded in history to test fitness. Ancient Greek athletes based their Hellenic fitness training on 10 steps. DEKA means 10 in Greek. This is your opportunity to train with purpose, test your fitness, and compete against yourself and others because you DESERVE a mark!

Youth Program

Prepare for your next Spartan, Triathlon, or running race with experienced and competitive coaches. Learn how to lift, run, and cycle correctly and with a proper form. Cycling lessons will take place every Sunday where you will go through a quick assessment. to see which class you shall attend. Bikes are provided by Desert Shield but welcome to bring your own. Class time table Tuesday 4.30-5.30 -Running (7-11yrs) -Strength & Conditioning (13-17yrs) Thursday 4.30pm-5.30pm -Running (13-16yrs) -Strength & Conditioning (7-12yrs) Sunday 9am-10am -Beginners cykling (7-17yrs) Sunday 10am-11am -Advanced cycling (7-17yrs) The children's program is designed to promote an active and healthy lifestyle from an early age. During the 50 to 60-minute training sessions, children will engage in fun and playful activities that promote the development of motor skills, coordination, endurance, and strength. The program will include games, obstacle circuits adapted to their level, balance and coordination exercises, as well as teamwork activities. In addition to physical benefits such as muscular and cardiovascular development, the children's program also promotes self-confidence, sociability, and the learning of healthy habits from an early age.

Corporate Wellness & Events

We offer and deliver bespoke corporate training and team building events and prepare government teams for events and competitions like: GOVGAMES, Spartan Races, Triathlon, and many more. Desert Shield Fitness can create both indoor team-building events as well as outdoor corporate team-building events based on what your company wants. We can also create team-building events in the desert of Al Whatba for up to 100 people. Contact us to see what we have created in the past. Contact us for more information.

The Spartan Hatta

The "SPARTAN HATTA" program is designed for those who wish to compete in obstacle course races (OCR) and improve their overall endurance, strength, and athletic skills. “Spartan Hatta" program is specifically designed to prepare individuals for the Hatta Spartan Race, which will take place in November 2023 In Abu Dhabi. Through 50 to 60-minute training sessions, participants will develop the necessary skills and endurance required to conquer the challenging obstacles and rugged terrain of the race. The program focuses on a combination of strength, agility, and endurance training, with a particular emphasis on upper body and core strength, as well as cardiovascular fitness. Participants will engage in a variety of exercises: - Rope climbs - Wall traverses - Tire flips - Runs - Jumping - Crawling All this exercise to improve their physical capabilities and overcome the unique challenges of the Hatta Spartan Race. They will also receive guidance on obstacle techniques, race strategies, and mental preparation to ensure they are well-equipped to tackle the race successfully.

The Spartan Whatba

The "SPARTAN WATHBA" program is designed to prepare individuals for the World Championship event taking place in the desert of Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi, in December. Participants will engage in comprehensive training sessions focused on developing the necessary skills, strength, and endurance required for the challenging desert race. The program includes specific exercises targeting upper body and core strength, cardiovascular fitness, and mental fortitude. Training sessions will encompass a variety of obstacles commonly encountered in Spartan races, including the Tyrolean, Ape Hanger, The Hanger, Atlas Carry, and Vertical Cargo. These obstacles test participants' upper body strength, coordination, grip, and full-body endurance. Participants will receive expert guidance on obstacle techniques, race strategies, and mental preparation to optimize their performance. Join the "SPARTAN WATHBA" program to prepare yourself for the World Championship event in Al Wathba's desert. Unleash your inner Spartan and conquer the unique challenges of the desert terrain. With focused training, you'll build the physical and mental strength needed to overcome the featured obstacles and excel in the ultimate test of endurance and determination. Embrace the desert landscape, push your limits, and strive for greatness in the "SPARTAN WATHBA" program.


The HYROX program is designed for individuals aiming to compete in high-intensity and endurance fitness events. During the 50 to 60-minute training sessions, participants will focus on developing strength, cardiovascular endurance, and functional skills necessary for the HYROX event. On September 2nd, the HYROX competition will make its way to the historic Dubai World Trade Centre for an event that promises to be nothing short of epic. The HYROX event consists of eight stations, which are as follows: -SkiErg -Sled Push -Sled Pull -Burpee Broad Jump -Rower -Farmer Carry -Sandbag Lunge -Wall Ball

The Running Program

The “RUNNING program” is specifically designed to prepare individuals for the ADNOC marathon taking place on Saturday December 18th 2023 in Abu Dhabi, as well as you can participate in 2.5km, 5km, 10km or Half marathon. During the 50 to 60-minute training sessions, participants will focus on improving their running performance, endurance, and technique. Weekly time table: MONDAY 6.30pm RUNNING SESSION WEDNESDAY 6.30pm RUNNING SESSION THURSDAY 6:30pm STRENGTH SESSION FOR ADNOC MARATHON SUNDAY 6:45am RUNNING SESSION AND COFFEE PLACE: DESERT SHIELD The program includes various running workouts, including TEMPO SESSION VO2 MAX session SIMULATION RACE SESSION To enhance cardiovascular fitness and develop the necessary stamina for race distances and mental resilience. Duration: The program has a duration of 3 months and culminates in the ADNOC Marathon on December 18th in Abu Dhabi. Runner Levels: Our program will attract three types of runners: beginners, athletes with personal bests (PBs) looking to challenge themselves, and professional athletes competing in their age categories. Training Locations: Training sessions will take place at key locations in Abu Dhabi, including the Cruise Terminal, NYU Track, and AlBahar at the Corniche , providing an optimal environment for performance. Professional Coach: We have a professional coach with experience in planning and periodization of sports projects. Additionally, we offer advanced performance measurements and testing to customize each athlete's training. Training Phases: The program is divided into three phases of 12 weeks, 9 weeks, and 6 weeks, allowing athletes to join at any time and effectively prepare for the marathon. Also, the training sessions will include dynamic warm-ups, running drills, and proper stretching to prevent injuries and improve running mechanics. Join the RUNNING program to achieve your race goals, improve running abilities, and be well-prepared for upcoming endurance events. Lace up your shoes and let's conquer the road together!

Our Mission

In addition to the specificity of each program, the most important thing for us is working from the foundations of human movement to achieve athletic and sports performance. By focusing on fundamental movement patterns and mechanics, such as coordination, balance, mobility, and stability, we ensure a solid base of physical skills that can support safe and effective progress in training. Furthermore, we also utilize technology to measure and monitor various aspects of individual progress. We track important metrics such as strength, execution speed, heart rate, and subjective stress levels. These measurements provide valuable insights into an individual's performance and allow us to tailor training plans and provide personalized feedback. Individualization is a key aspect of our approach, as we recognize that each person is unique with different abilities, goals, and realities. Our experienced coaches take into account each individual's current fitness level, capabilities, and specific needs or limitations. This personalized approach ensures that participants receive tailored guidance and exercises that suit their individual requirements. To prevent injuries and promote optimal movement, we prioritize the quality of movement in all training sessions. Our coaches emphasize proper form and technique, providing continuous feedback and corrections. By maintaining safe and optimal movement mechanics, participants can minimize the risk of injuries and maximize the efficiency of their training. At our center, we are committed to supporting athletes and individuals of all levels by providing a comprehensive training experience. From assessing performance metrics to focusing on foundational movement skills and offering personalized guidance, we aim to optimize each person's training journey and help them achieve their goals. “And the most important thing is that everyone is happy” His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed