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If 2020 hasn’t brought you enough obstacles to deal with already, a new gym in Abu Dhabi is promising to throw even more your way. But this time you’ll be pushing yourself to new levels of fitness by swinging on rings and climbing Z-walls sideways.

Desert Shield Fitness isn’t your average gym. Its USP comes from its strong focus on Obstacle Course Race (OCR) training. Inspired by the Spartan style of race training, the original obstacle race founded in 2007, it’s the only gym in the UAE with an indoor Spartan rig, which means you can train on 25 to 30 different obstacles that you would find in an official OCR race.

The methodology is based around training for a purpose. So, if you’ve signed up for a race, a Tough Mudder or a marathon, they can create a program to ensure you are race-ready (‘Be race ready’ is also the gym’s mantra). It doesn’t stop there, though; Desert Shield encourages you to return after your event, so they can continue to help you grow as an athlete for future competitions.

Located inside the capital’s cruise ship terminal at Mina Port, the studio boasts 600 square meters of space for indoor workouts and an extra 250 square meters of outdoor space. But while the physical studio may be new, the Desert Shield concept is not. Read the full article here.