What is Obstacle Course Racing and Other Common Questions | Desert Shield FitnessOver the past several years, you might’ve heard people talking about training for and participating in obstacle course races. And you might be curious to learn more about this sport and if it’s something you’d be interested in trying in the future.

Here are a few answers to some of the questions you might have about obstacle course racing:

What is obstacle course racing (OCR)?

Obstacle course racing involves a trail or off-road run with obstacles spread across the course. Typical obstacles include cargo nets, walls, monkey bars, balance beams, ropes, and ditches filled with mud.

What are obstacle course races like?

OCR events vary in the total amount of distance, as well as in the difficulty of obstacles. Some races are designed to be beginner-friendly with running distances around 5-10K and challenging yet manageable obstacles. Other races are for more experienced athletes with run distances around 26 miles and more challenging obstacles scattered throughout the race course.

What is training for OCR like?

Generally speaking, OCR training is a mix of endurance/aerobic training and strength training. You’ll do some workouts that are focused on increasing your endurance. Others will focus on strength and prepare you to deal with obstacles where you’re climbing over walls (or under them) and carrying awkward, heavy objects.

What draws people to OCR?

While the sport of OCR has elite-level athletes competing at a high level, most participants you find at an OCR are there to have fun and challenge themselves to try something new. The sport is full of physical and mental challenges that you encounter and overcome while training and on race day.

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