Benefits of Group Fitness Training | Desert Shield FitnessIf you’re used to working out by yourself, you might not know about all the advantages of working out with a group. Here are a few of the benefits of group fitness training:

1. Workout Structure

Group fitness classes are typically structured so that the coach or instructor takes you through a warm-up, reviews the movements of the workout, takes you through the workout itself, and then makes sure that you cool down afterward. With this structure, you’re guaranteed to get in a great workout and reduce your risk of injury.

2. Variety

When you work out by yourself, it can be easy to find yourself in a bit of a rut. Once you get to the gym, you pretty much do the same routine each time. While it’s great to have consistency in your routine, the lack of variety might mean a plateau in your fitness. Group fitness classes help with mixing up your workouts so that you get variety in both movements and intensity.

3. Accountability & Motivation

Group fitness classes allow you to work out with people who have similar interests as you. Because of this, you’ll probably find yourself making new friends. These workout buddies will hold you accountable. They’ll notice when you’re not in class and keep you on track. Plus, having other people around who are motivating you to keep going can be just the boost you need.

4. Fun

The structure, variety, and accountability of group fitness training are all great. But perhaps the most significant benefit of working out with a group is that it’s fun. The more fun you have doing any activity, the more likely you are to continue it. Having fun with a great group of people can make even the most challenging workout manageable.

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