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January 2021

5 Benefits of a Consistent Workout Routine


Once you're active and engaged in regular physical activity and workouts that you enjoy, you'll increase your chances of building a consistent routine. And with a steady training schedule, you'll notice several changes to your physical and mental well-being. Here are just a few of the benefits of following a consistent workout routine: 1. Increased [...]

5 Benefits of a Consistent Workout Routine2021-01-20T11:44:08-06:00

3 Approaches To Conquer Any Obstacle


Obstacles are things that stand in the way. They are barriers between you and your goal. This is true on an obstacle course, and it is definitely true in life. The direct correlation between the course and life is powerful, and the good news is that no matter what the obstacle is, there are multiple [...]

3 Approaches To Conquer Any Obstacle2021-01-11T07:48:34-06:00

December 2020

OCR: How to Tackle Your Weaknesses


Suppose you've been training for obstacle course racing (OCR) for a while. In that case, you probably have a pretty good idea of your personal strengths and weaknesses. Or, you might still be in the process of figuring it out. No matter where you are in your training, you want to ensure that your strengths [...]

OCR: How to Tackle Your Weaknesses2020-12-21T11:20:22-06:00

Maintaining Motivation through Challenging Times


When you're faced with ongoing challenges, it's hard to maintain your motivation to get to the gym and work out. However, there's a way that this can be done! Here are just a few tips on maintaining motivation through challenging times: Create Realistic, Attainable, Measurable Goals Setting realistic, attainable, and measurable goals will influence your [...]

Maintaining Motivation through Challenging Times2020-12-08T10:17:20-06:00

November 2020

4 Reasons Why Women Should Give OCR a Try


At first, it might seem like obstacle course racing (OCR) is a male-dominated sport and activity. But the number of female OCR athletes continues to grow. And the truth is, OCR is for everyone, men and women alike! Both men and women benefit from participating in obstacle course racing, and we want to encourage everyone [...]

4 Reasons Why Women Should Give OCR a Try2020-12-08T10:12:27-06:00

Flexibility, Mobility, and OCR


Flexibility and mobility are two fitness-related terms that are used interchangeably. However, it turns out that flexibility and mobility are different fitness skills that can affect your OCR training and race performance in different ways. First, let's look at the difference between flexibility and mobility. Flexibility Flexibility relates more to your muscles. It's the passive [...]

Flexibility, Mobility, and OCR2020-11-10T08:30:01-06:00

October 2020

6 Quick Facts about Functional Fitness Training


When it comes to training for obstacle course racing (OCR), we all have different goals and reasons for our pursuits. Some common goals are to try something new, improve fitness, lose weight, increase energy, and improve overall health. So, how do you accomplish these types of goals? Functional fitness is a type of training that [...]

6 Quick Facts about Functional Fitness Training2020-10-26T10:27:21-06:00

The Cool Down: Don’t Be Tempted to Skip It


Your workout just ended. Now, what's the next thing you do? Grab some water. Stretch. Leave the gym immediately. Or none of the above? Taking some time, even just five to ten minutes, to cool down after you finish a workout is an essential element of your training. And grabbing a water bottle to [...]

The Cool Down: Don’t Be Tempted to Skip It2020-11-10T08:33:54-06:00

September 2020

OCR Training: Take Your Workouts to a New Level


If you've reached a point in your fitness journey where you've built up a consistent workout routine, that's great! Now that you've gotten into a regular rhythm with working out, you might be looking for new ways to challenge yourself and continue making fitness gains. Obstacle course racing (OCR) could be just the challenge you're [...]

OCR Training: Take Your Workouts to a New Level2020-09-28T14:18:46-06:00

Why Is a Warm-up so Important?


When you're preparing for a workout (or a race), one of the most important things you can do for your body is to warm up properly. A proper warm-up is important because it will help keep your body mobile, limber, and avoid injury. Why Warming-Up is Important Think of your muscles as rubber bands. When [...]

Why Is a Warm-up so Important?2020-09-14T11:26:53-06:00
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