Approaches To Conquer Any Obstacle | Desert Shield FitnessObstacles are things that stand in the way. They are barriers between you and your goal. This is true on an obstacle course, and it is definitely true in life. The direct correlation between the course and life is powerful, and the good news is that no matter what the obstacle is, there are multiple ways to handle it.

Here are just three approaches you can take to conquer any obstacle:


When the way forward is blocked on all sides, you must go over. On an obstacle course, this can be accomplished in many different ways. Finding the strength to climb or cooperating with teammates to get over the top. We all have to climb at some point, but each time we climb, we most likely have to adapt to a new approach. Sometimes a team is necessary. Other times the climb is for the individual. Learning to get over a physical barrier in your way is a perfect method to train for overcoming challenges you face every day.


Sometimes it takes creativity to move past an obstacle. Not every blocker in your way requires getting over. Sometimes you have to go under. Being able to see the best way to handle a challenge is the first step toward efficiently working through it, and not everything is a climb to the top. Sometimes digging in, getting dirty, and crawling under are the best methods of moving forward. We naturally think we must get over our obstacles. Still, a small shift in perspective and approach can win the moment in an unexpected way.


When all else fails, you go through. Finesse and skill are always useful, but sometimes the task simply requires the force of strength and will. Facing a challenge head-on can be exhausting and feel impossible at times, but when there is no way around it, there is no other choice besides giving up. And giving up is really not an option. Obstacle Course Racing is about finding a solution and working through a challenge. What better way to build the fortitude to face each day with confidence?

Desert Shield Fitness can give you the skills and strength you need to face any obstacle. We understand that physical training translates to success in all areas of life. Contact us now and start learning how to see obstacles as steps toward your goals.